A guide on identifying your studying style to pick the right strategy : Harry Potter Version!

Not all students are the same, and picking the same studying style as everyone else might lead you to make some Ron decisions (pun intended) in your academics. Let’s have a look at the different kinds of students using the 4 Harry Potter houses to help you pick the right strategy.

1.   GryffindorYou might belong in Gryffindor,

                    Where dwell the brave at heart

Do you find yourself to be a risk taker, someone who is unafraid of taking novel and unconventional approaches to a problem? If you are not afraid of challenging chapters and subjects, and you don’t let fear drive your decision making, then this might be your house.

Since failure doesn’t scare you, you are an individual who will keep trying to solve the problem. But this strategy may border on recklessness and you might find yourself taking unnecessary risks while studying, such as trying to cover the entire syllabus in one night (been there, done that). You would need to find that balance to try and concentrate your energy in the right manner and try to score the maximum possible without burning out or picking a potentially dangerous strategy.

2.   Slytherin- Or perhaps in Slytherin,

            You’ll make your real friends,

            Those cunning folk use any means,

            To achieve their ends.

Do you feel that resourcefulness, leadership, and ambition are your traits? Are you exceptionally achievement oriented and willing to do anything to achieve your goal? Well then, you would do well to be sorted into Slytherin. Given your ambition and ‘means justify ends’ attitude, you are not one who gives up easily, but you are also smart enough to not take uncalculated risks. This means, you should focus more on charting strategies and doing work in an intelligent, pragmatic manner to accomplish the maximum possible result. Make daily timetables, timebox your work and rank order subjects and tasks in order of importance to do work the smart way. However, don’t let your ambition push you over the edge and put you in a sticky position where you use shady tactics to get ahead such as cheating.

3.   Ravenclaw- Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,

                If you’ve a ready mind,

              Where those of wit and learning,

             Will always find their kind.

If you prize learning, wisdom, wit, and intellect and find yourself to be a prodigy who needs to put less effort than most others to do well, you can call Ravenclaw your home. You would in general tend to be academically motivated and a talented student who also prides themselves on being original in their ideas and methods. However, you must take care not to get carried away by your abilities and never touch your books; exams are no joke! Focus on learning advanced topics and on scoring even better than you normally do to make the most of your abilities.

4.   HufflepuffYou might belong in Hufflepuff,

              Where they are just and loyal,

              Those patients Hufflepuffs are true,

             And unafraid of toil.

These kinds of student’s value hard work, effort and simplicity in their tasks. If you feel that hard work, dedication and patience are your skills, then Hufflepuff might be your calling. This quality of working hard endlessly is a golden quality, but it is important that you work efficiently as well. Practice makes perfect for your kind of personality but make sure you do focused study in those long hours using the right studying apps.

Good luck to you and I hope the sorting hat, that is you, picks the right house and its corresponding strategies!

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