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Exams can be stressful, right?

Often defined as high-pressure situations that can deplete your memory. Stress before exams means you care. A little stress heightens our senses and brings out our best. However, stress and anxiety beyond the safe limit can affect our grades so mentioned below are some tips that can help you cope with exam anxiety. 

Recreate the situation– Fear of the unknown is one major reason for anxiety before exams. To eliminate the fear, familiarise yourself with the exam pattern, mock tests, previous year question papers, diagrams, and flowcharts, and mark the important concepts. Set a timer for the time duration of your exam (for example- 3 hours), sit in an isolated room with no distractions, and solve the mock test exactly like you would solve the actual question paper. This will help you understand the repeated questions and boost your confidence. After solving lots of practice papers, you will understand the pattern and type of questions that are most frequently asked.

Feeling Unprepared– The feeling of inadequacy can accelerate stress and anxiety before exams. To avoid it, study throughout the year so you do not have much catching up to do before exams, REVISE, REVISE, REVISE. Make your own notes, that will help you register concepts better in your mind. Plan your day and follow a routine.

Be confident– Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself, you can do it. Reach your exam center before time and not be on edge to avoid the hassle. Avoid engaging in conversations with your friends and classmates to keep yourself calm and composed. Focus more on what you know instead of what you do not.

Your grades DO NOT define you– The exam is not the end of your life. Don’t let them decide who you are. Let the stress make you stronger than weaker and unleash your potential. 

Bonus Tips– If you get distracted by some thoughts during your preparation, write your thoughts on paper and keep it aside. This will help you focus on your studies. Go in a positive attitude. Walk to the washroom (if you can) The walking and stretching will help. Breathe deeply before solving questions. Eat well and stay hydrated. Keep a watch with you to have control over time and visualize what makes you happy.

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How To Cope With Exam Anxiety