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The right study space is extremely important in a student’s life. It acts as a catalyst for the effort and motivation that the student possesses. It helps one sharpen one’s mind, improve concentration and increase thinking ability. Below are some points on how you can create a study space for yourself and why it is important.

The CFE Rule – Concentration, Focus, and Efficiency are the three important factors that are affected by the kind of study space you are in. A good study space maximizes productivity and motivates you to be better at the task you are doing.

Lighting – A study at Cornell University states that light that is too dim or too bright affects productivity negatively. Hence, it is important to experiment with lighting in your study area to find out what works best for you. Ideally, your study space should be exposed to sunlight and fresh air. In the case of artificial light, research says that warm light enhances creativity while cold light increases concentration.

Distractions – Make sure to keep anything that distracts you out of your field of view or outside your study space/room. Keep it organized, neat, and tidy, and decorate it with objects that radiate positive energy or make you feel good like plants, candles, books, or motivational quotes.

Write your distractions on a piece of paper or a trusted source so that you know you can come back to them anytime. Keep your study space exclusively for studying and avoid doing other chores at it. Keep it isolated and silent for better concentration. Write your goals and place them nearby so you know what you’re doing and it keeps you motivated.

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Importance of a right study space