Importance Of Aptitude and IQ

IQ and Aptitude are like 2 legs of a human –  both of them being equally important and having their own functions. IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. It is a score derived from a standardized intelligence test – used to measure a person’s intellectual abilities and potential. They are designed to assess a range of cognitive abilities, including mathematical skills, memory, spatial perception, and language abilities. The average IQ score is 100. Scores above 140 are considered a genius. 

An Aptitude is a component of a cognitive ability to perform a task. It is often used to predict how well can someone perform a specific task or a job.

They can measure a variety of skills and abilities including verbal, mathematical, and spatial reasoning along with mechanical and clerical skills. They can also access personality traits and interests. Aptitude tests are generally designed to be job-specific so that the skills and abilities being measured are relevant to the job in question. 

Intelligence is not solely based on your IQ or how much bookish knowledge you have. Aptitude holds equal importance. A high IQ does not guarantee success and a low IQ doesn’t doom you to failure. Several factors like work ethic, motivation, and opportunity play a role in your success. Having a higher IQ will however ease things for you. Like books are a person’s best friends, Aptitude and IQ are a student’s best friends too. 

How will these two help a child crack entrance exams? 

Aptitude and IQ have been shown to predict success in life, including income, job performance, and overall life satisfaction. A child’s IQ can credit their future well-being. A higher IQ has been linked with higher earnings and performance. Aptitude tests provide a more comprehensive assessment of a child’s intellectual potential. Both skills are often used in combination to provide a complete picture of a child’s intellectual abilities. Aptitude is a better predictor of success. It can be improved with practice and training while IQ is relatively fixed. Therefore, if a child has high aptitude, they are more likely to do well in school and exams.

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