Importance of co-curricular activities in school

Co-curricular activities are the ones we do outside our classroom for fun or out of interest. They contribute to building one’s personality and attitude.

Extracurricular activities can broadly be classified into 4 groups-

1. School activities- These include sports clubs, special interest clubs, music, dance, and the school government. 

2. Community activities- These include theatre, art, and dance groups. 

3. Work-related activities- These include internships, part-time work, and freelancing. 

4. Volunteering- These include tutoring, working in NGOs, helping in animal rescue organizations, charities etc. 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, a  proverb everyone is familiar with but little do people inculcate the principle in their own lives. These activities, help you stand out from the crowd. Things you do in your free time reveal a lot about you in ways grades and test scores can’t. 

For example-

  • Being a part of the School Government will highlight your leadership and long-term commitment skills. 
  • Volunteering at an NGO or a hospital reveals that you are dedicated to helping others. 
  • Internships and part-time work will suggest that you are good at managing time and are responsible. 

In addition, they boost confidence, and self-esteem and help you explore your strengths and weaknesses while you develop new skills. They help you socialize with your peers and help you understand the importance of teamwork and discipline. All in all, they are responsible for one’s physical, social, moral, and emotional development.

If you wish to do your bit for society and bring about a change, consider volunteering in NGOs based in India. To mention some of them are The Bharti Foundation, Goonj, and Hemkunt Foundation. Information on NGOs and Youth Lead Communities is available in the public domain.

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