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Practical skills are required to learn quick adaptations needed for daily tasks and allow you to get a better understanding of things.

It helps one understand who they are and what they want from life.

There are several ways in which students can learn practical skills along with their academics. They can be classified into hard skills, soft skills, and life skills.

Hard Skills include industry-specific certification, coding ability, foreign language, SEO, Project Management, Copywriting, etc.

Soft Skills include critical thinking, leadership, communication, work ethic, negotiation, and motivation.

Life Skills include living independently, cooking, driving, financial literacy, doing laundry, etc.

Online platforms like udemy, youtube, Coursera, my captain, google, future learn, Linkedin, upgrade and social media platforms have multiple courses both free and paid that can teach you hard skills that prove to be beneficial in one’s career growth.

BONUS TIP- Be open to work, new adventures, and volunteering options to excel. Focus more on practical and real-life opportunities. Some additional skills like reading, problem-solving attitude, curiosity, time management, and communication are as important as others. The more you explore and learn, the more you learn practical skills.

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Importance of practical skills along with your academics