Is your child ready to be a future leader?

Children and their parents need to understand that the skills required to be a future leader in the 21st century are going to be very different from what was required in the past because the world is constantly changing. With the evolution of the internet, the world is literally in our hands. Skill building will be preferred over academic qualifications. Below, are mentioned some skills that will prepare your child to be a future leader-  

1. Collaboration and Community Leadership- Man is a social animal. There is no way one can survive without being socially and community sensitive. The importance of teamwork and networking will help one grow, thrive, and achieve success. 

2. Innovation and Creativity- Everything becomes obsolete so it’s important to be creative and as said – There is no Innovation and Creativity without failure. Parents should not limit their child’s vision, or their will to explore and take risks. This will teach them the art of decision-making, rational thinking, failure, and success. Failures are important for one to know what not to do. 

3. Vision and Empathy- It’s important to have a vision for one’s own self or the organization that one trying to build. Without a vision, a man is like moving on the road without knowing the direction. Empathy is essential to acknowledge the opinions of the people around you. 

4. Pace of Change and Adaptability- Everything around us is moving so quickly and changing at an extraordinary speed. How does one keep up? 

By understanding the latest trends and practicing them. For example- We are currently living in a digital world. Digital Literacy is the trend and the future. So one should update their knowledge of technology at regular intervals.  Accept the change, Live with the change, and adapt to the change to make a fantastic future for yourself. 

5. Critical thinking and analysis- The ability to see the best in everything in the most logical and rational manner, bringing the best without compromising the quality is essential for the coming times. 

In addition to the above-mentioned skills, morality, ethics, transparency, and understanding of your relationship with money will help you grow and blossom. 

Children should start leadership initiatives at every level, starting from school projects to leading big collaborative tasks. Every small thing counts towards making you a future leader.

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