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Preparing for board exams can be stressful. Each student has their own way of coping and dealing with anxiety and stress. Below, are mentioned some ways in which one can plan their study and achieve good marks.

1. Make a long-term Time Table- Timetables that are precise and prepared for a long time ( say 3-4 months ) can help you study better and plan your day in advance. Make sure to make a to-do list every morning for maximum productivity.  

2. Take breaks and talk to someone- Remember to take breaks regularly while studying. Use the 25-minute Pomodoro technique that says, to study for 25 minutes then take a break of 5 minutes. Do 4-5 sessions like these for maximum concentration. Talk to someone about how to feel and share your problems. It will help you release stress and beat anxiety. Keep yourself hydrated too.

3. Be true to yourself- You can lie to everyone except yourself. You know who you are and where you stand. If you do not know a certain topic, study it again. If you think you lack revision, revise the topic again. Write and practice long and difficult topics. Writing helps you remember for a longer period.

4. Questt- Questt provides one on one coaching to students preparing for class 10 board and pre-board exams. A personal coach will be assigned to each student who will help them cope with their studies and plan what and when to study.

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Preparing for board exams can be stressful. How can good planning help in achieving good marks?