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Assignments appear to be a deadly monster when you procrastinate the whole week and try to complete them, closer to the deadline. While we can’t help you deal with the assignment stress much, we can definitely suggest to you some ways in which you can submit your assignments on time and overcome the stress.

1. Make a Time-Table- Structuring your chores is always a good idea to do work and assignments. The timetable helps you understand what and when to do a particular task. In addition to making timetables, you can also make to-do lists that increase your productivity and help you understand the deadlines of a particular task.

2. Ask for help- In most cases, students miss deadlines because they do not look at the details of their assignments until the deadline. When the deadline approaches and they start their work, they are clueless and lost. To avoid this, ask for help in advance from your teachers and friends. This will help you understand the task better and increase your efficiency to work and excel.

3. Reward Yourself- The human body functions in such a way that our probability of completing a task is lesser if we do not have a reward attached to it. Hence, keep a reward for yourself for completing your assignment. Maybe, you get to eat your favorite ice- cream or you get an extra hour to play with your friends. Do not cheat yourself.

4. OPS- Organize filter the most difficult assignment to complete it first.

Plan- Assign the time you are going to give to each assignment, research and make use of the resources available online, keep away distractions, turn off notifications of social media apps and do not multitask- take one step at a time.

Study Just start. Sit down at your desk and start your work. Challenge yourself.

Do not wait for the d-day. Starting your assignment on time allows you enough time to proofread and edit your work. Take breaks, stay hydrated, study in advance, and start now.

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Tips to always submit assignments on time