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Online Classes have been in trend since the pandemic started. Though, after the pandemic, offline classes have dominated again, online classes still operate in some areas of the country or as a backup option. To help you concentrate, we have drafted some tips and tricks to help you counter distractions during online classes.

Keep your phone away – The best way to put off distractions is to put your phone on “do not disturb” and keep it away if you are attending your classes on another device. If you are attending classes on your phone, turn off the notifications of social media apps or turn on “focus” or “study” mode for maximum results.

Challenge yourself to sit – Hurt your ego and challenge yourself to sit and study. Human tendency is such that we can hurt anyone’s ego but ourselves.

Stay hydrated – Keep a water bottle beside you and some healthy snacks to munch so you don’t get up from your study space frequently.

Reserve a study spot – Try and find an isolated study space to avoid chaos at home. Set a screen time to keep a check on your activities and tell your friends/family to monitor regularly.

Take proper breaks – Take time breaks between study sessions. Go for a walk, stretch, meditate or listen to music. Do anything except use your phone because once you begin using your phone, it is difficult to keep it down.

Make a schedule – Schedules and timetables are underrated. They help you plan your day well and make you realize what a well-planned study session looks like.

Online classes come with their own pros and cons and it’s better to always fight the cons. With these tips, students can effectively counter distractions during online classes.

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Tips to counter distraction during online classes